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Benjamin Ellingson


About Myself


Email: ben@ellingsonaudiovisual.com

Office:  702.400.7785


Books: The Power of Focus

Writers: Joel Bauer, Mark Levy, Jack Canfield

Quote: There is only one true success- to live life the way you want to live. - Unknown

Ben Ellingson

“My philosophy is simple; Do what you love and love what you do. I believe in over delivering when ever possible as that has helped me secure and maintain lasting relationships with my clients. My attention to detail and precision is apparent in everything I do and I pledge to do my absolute best in each and every project that comes my way.”

  1. -Ben Ellingson

  2. -Owner - Ellingson Audio Visual & Ellingson Productions

I can add value to your production or team as a:

Technical Director

Robotic Specialist

Director of Photography

Jib Operator

Steadicam Operator

Aerial Camera Specialist