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If you are looking to create a video product, online video, or any other type of video production, Ellingson Audio Visual can create the result you are looking for at a price you will appreciate.

Camera Crane/Jib

Simply incorporating a camera crane into your production can add impacting and dramatic shots that can make your production come to life. We have different camera crane/jib arms to choose from. From a small 6’ jib best suited for testimonial cut away shots to a 21’ crane. There is no single piece of equipment that adds production value like a camera crane.

Our heads will fly cameras up to 50 pounds with ease and precision.

In-house jib arms include:

Cammate 2000 series 43’
Cammate Travel Series 24’

Specialtycams HD 35’
Specialtycams Flyer 21’
Jimmy Jib 3 18’
Jimmy Jib Triangle 40’

Zoom, Focus, and Iris control for Fujinon and Canon Lenses.

Dutch Roll for Jimmy Jib also available.

Available with or without camera and must be operated by our crane operator.

Railslide Robotic Track Dolly with Robotic head

Check out our custom built Railslide (tm) camera mount. Use this for hard to get, fluid shots. This piece of gear is super handy and can be mount either on the ground, on a wall, or underslung from overhead truss. Get amazing tracking shots without blocking spectators’ view. Totally remote controlled with smooth speeds as slow as 12 inches per minute and up to 3 feet per second! Handles cameras up to 50 lbs.

CCPro Jib
U Pro Jib
AF100 on Jib
Jib over crowd
Specialtycams Jib

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Cammate Triax
Cammate 2000
30' Jib
Cammate with Arri
Ben with Jimmy Jib Triangle
Ben Ellingson
30' Jib
Shaklee jib operator

“I guarantee my results. In fact; I’m so confident that you will love my shots, if you’re not satisfied with my jib work, you don’t pay a dime.  702-769-2892”

-Ben Ellingson
-Jib Operaator

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