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If you are looking for a cameraman, video camera operator, news camera man, or videographer for your Las Vegas video production, Ellingson Audio Visual has you covered. Whether you need a single cameraman, or multiple camera operators, we have the videographer with the video camera you need at the best rates in Las Vegas. Rates starting at $500 for camera and operator. Call 702.400.7785 or Email ENG@EllingsonAudioVisual.com

Multi-Format NTSC & PAL Hi-Definition Video Cameras

Our cameramen can shoot your video in every mainstream NTSC or PAL formats.

Current Videocameras in-house:

JVC HM700U & HM790
Sony EX3
Sony D70

Panasonic HPX500
Panasonic HPX370
Sony EX1R
Canon 5D Mark III
GoPro Hero4 Black with multiple mounts

Other cameras also available, please call for more information.

Our operators are skilled all ENG cameras including Sony, JVC and Panasonic.

On Camera Lighting

Being able to see your subject is important but a truck full of lighting is not always the best option. Our cameramen can provide on camera lighting at no charge. We use Anton Bauer UL2 and Frezzi mini-fill dim-able lights to keep your subject adequately lit for run and gun or ENG productions.

ENG Sound Recording

Broadcast quality sound capture using UHF microphones by Sennheiser and Sound Devices field mixers.

Steadicam, Tracking Dolly & Jib/Camera Crane

Add amazing moving shots with one of our camera supports- more info here

FilmTools Vehicle Mounts

Featuring a ball-style leveling head, capable of supporting cameras in excess of 150 pounds, yet it's great for the average Professional grade 2/3" ccd HD Camera.

It comes with three sets of legs (4 per set): 18", 24", and 36".

Each 6" vacuum cup has a 3/8-16" threaded spud and 5/8" Baby Spuds attached. Each cup can hold up to 70 pounds which totals 280 pounds, but are de-rated to 150 pounds total so that you can load them beyond 1G and still be safe. The kit also comes with a safety strap

The whole package fits neatly into a long pelican case.

“Last year we made the mistake of hiring two Las Vegas cameramen from craigslist and it cost us dearly. Though they sounded competent in meeting with them, the result was a major disappointment. Not only was their video shaky, but the sound quality terrible. It ‘popped’ at random as I walked the room. So this year, I had to redeem myself. After calling five of the major production companies in Las Vegas and given outrageous prices for cameramen and cameras, I stumbled on the EAV website. After talking to Ben, my cameraman worries were put at ease and we booked EAV to handle our 2009 events. EAV’s cameramen were on time, and professional. The video quality was superb and being able to edit on-site without having to log and capture tapes was much preferred to past productions. If you need a pro cameraman with hi-fi gear in Las Vegas, look no further than Ellingson Audio Visual

  1. -Brad Paisley

  2. -Author/Speaker

Hi Ben,


Just wanted to thank you again for you work last week, and now that I have actually seen and worked with the footage, to tell you what a great job you did.  I had one day in Las Vegas to get a lot of material in the can, and you gave me exactly what we needed!


Thanks again.  Fingers crossed that I may need your services again, and soon!


Bob Reid
Veritas Communications

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