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Just Some of the Speakers and Info-marketers that have used our services to get their message across, create wealth and make a difference:

Ryan Deiss

Lt Col. Dave Grossman

Lindsey Jean

Ted Thomas

Frank Kern

Marshall Sylver

Mike Fisher

Ron Ipach

Perry Belcher

Ben Pargman

Jeff Adams

Dave Lindahl

Joel Bauer

Marko Rubel

George Miller

Bruce Mack

Marko Kozlowski

Adam Ginsberg

Mark Gonzolovis

Jim Fleck

Cameron Dunlap

Jase Souder

Amish Shaw

Ron Legrand

Scott Scheel

Richard Freedkin

John Childers

Bob & Ed Diamond

Colin Andrews Egbert

Darren LaCroix

Jack Bosch
Sean Carpenter
Lee Arnold
JT Foxx

This is no coincidence. These are savvy businesspeople who understand one very important fact: Audio Visual is the primary connection between you and your attendees. Trust your AV and product creation needs to Ellingson Audio Visual. You’ll be glad you did. Call 702-400-7785 or email Insure high quality events & products and high sales!

EAV Recommends these Hotels for your seminar or live event in Las Vegas:


Complete Seminar & Corporate Creative Support

EAV is a full-service audio visual company providing solutions to the corporate, advertising, and direct response industries nationwide. Highly committed to creativity and customer service we have a proven track record of producing unique, effective corporate sales, training and direct response media for over 10 years. Our focus is to help you launch and leverage your product, increase brand awareness, reach your marketing objectives and, most importantly, deliver a powerful message designed to produce a strong Return on Investment.

EAV can handle every single aspect of your seminar, meeting, or corporate function. We will find the best venue, negotiate catering/banquets, room rates, even book transportation and activities.

For an initial consultation that includes a site visit to determine your event communications requirements, and follow up with a detailed audio visual package that
exceeds those requirements.  Contact Ben Ellingson at (702) 400-7785 to setup an initial consultation.



“At our seminars Ben and his staff are masters of testimonial acquisition.  When testimonials need to be gathered we have counted on EAV to gather hundreds of emotionally captivating testimonials for over 6 years. Never underestimate the power of great testimonials.”

  1. -Nick Rueb - Investor, Speaker & Coach

Social Proof - THE SECRET TO Building Massive credibility...

Testimonials or Social Proof, what ever you’d like to call it, when correctly captured and gathered, testimonials can make or break your business. They are incredibly important.

Social Proof, simply stated, means that people tend to believe what other people believe, especially people they respect. So why not have people that relate to your students’ or attendees’ demographic, rave about you, and build your credibility? Take advantage of social proof in your marketing efforts whenever possible! When you make a statement about your product or service it’s a claim. When your satisfied customer makes a statement about your product or service, it’s the truth.

There are many ways to use social proof to build credibility: Testimonials, Case Studies, Television Interviews, amongst other avenues. For example: we’ve all seen products labeled “As Seen on TV”. It may not seem like it, but this little detail has been shown to increase retail sales of these types of products significantly. It’s positive notoriety we are after. I know some hugely successful info-marketers who literally designed their businesses with hundreds of video testimonials.

Aside from providing unmatched, quality event support at unbeatable prices, EAV provides testimonials acquisition/capture, giving you and your business the credibility you need to insure success. Capture testimonials at your next event. Call 702-400-7785 or email


See a savings of 30-70% at your next event, all while improving production value.
Call us at (702) 400-7785

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