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NewTek Tricaster TC860 & TC460

Stream up to 8 HD cameras live anywhere with one of our Tricaster systems. The Tricaster raises the bar on live video production.

The TriCaster™ 860 is designed to meet the most demanding high definition production requirements. It packs the capabilities of a network television studio into a 4U rack mount system that is suitable for portable live production. It’s a 22-channel, 1080p native, HD/SD live production switcher includes eight external video sources and eight virtual/mix channels. Eighteen live HD virtual sets (using NewTek LiveSet™ technology) and advanced matte generation, overlay with keying, positioning, scaling, cropping, and rotation in 3D. Add to that animated effects, simultaneous HD live streaming and recording, enhanced media player capabilities, multi-view monitoring of all inputs and outputs, redundant power supply and removable storage, plus much more, and the Tricaster TC860 becomes the clear choice for productions small and large.

Powerful and versatile, TriCaster changes expectations for what is possible in HD live production. It’s capability to simultaneously produce, broadcast, live stream, project and record network-quality HD video. TriCaster allows clients to build their brand, and extend market reach anytime, anywhere.

Specific Benefits:

The TriCaster™ TC 860 is the latest addition to NewTek’s line of portable live production systems. A 4U rack mount system, it is suitable for desktop and portable live production. TriCaster provides the highest quality 32-bit floating point with 4:4:4:4 video processing supporting high definition (HD) and standard definition (SD) video, as well as live web streaming in up to 720p. TriCaster 860 provides the following benefits:

* A 22-channel, 1080p native switcher that gives you complete control to simultaneously broadcast, live stream, project and record HD and/or SD productions
* One-Button live streaming that allows you to deliver full, HD live streams directly to the Web in resolutions up to 720p, the highest output in the industry
* One-Button recording that allows you to capture your live productions at full resolution and preserve them as high quality video and stream files
* 50 hours of 1080i 59.94 recording capacity that you can extend by using the four removable drive bays, providing unlimited storage and backup for your post production and archiving needs
* Eight external video inputs that allow you to connect up to eight HD and/or SD live cameras in any combination of HD-SDI, SD-SDI, HD component, SD component, Y/C, or composite
* Eight virtual/mix channels with presets and individual overlays, that let you create and save complex switcher effects, and assign them to a single source for easy access and use
* 18 HD live virtual sets (using proprietary NewTek LiveSet™ technology) and advanced matte generation, that enable you to achieve the look of a sophisticated studio setting in a limited space
* Five digital media players, including two DDRs, titles bin, stills store, and sound player, that provide you with the ability to present video clips, motion graphics, titles, images, music, audio clips, and more during your live production
* Two downstream keys with independent effects, that allow you to key, position, scale, crop and rotate in 3D, and use animated effects to customize your overlay
* Two network inputs that deliver external computer sources to the switcher or overlay channels, so that you can access unlimited displays from a PC or Mac® (using proprietary NewTek iVGA™ technology), and/or titles and graphics from NewTek LiveText™
* Multi-view monitoring options that allow you to simultaneously view all switcher inputs at full field rate, view color Waveform and Vectorscope displays to verify signal integrity, and more
* Flexible audio support that lets you use any combination of embedded SDI, AES or balanced XLR audio inputs to bring in microphones, stereo or quad line level sources
* Audio mixing capabilities with audio follows video support and auxiliary routing, that give you the option to integrate an external audio setup
* Three video output rows that enable you to output HD and SD video simultaneously
* HDMI, DVI and VGA program output options that allow you to use a projector (IMAG) or other monitoring applications to display video
* Versatile 4U rack mount form factor with redundant power supply, that is suitable for desktop (rubber feet supplied), as well as your portable live production needs.

The right gear at the right price. If you’re looking to record or stream you live production we can help you deliver excellent production value at a price you will appreciate. We have cameras, wireless hd-sdi interfaces, cameras, and just about anything else you need to complete your gear list.

Call us at 702-400-7785 or email Production@EllingsonAudioVisual.com

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